Broken display glass

Is it possible to change a broken display glass if the rest of the display unit is still fully functional? The ecological footprint would be much smaller compared to changing the whole unit.


Alas but no. The display module cannot be disassembled without destroying it - though even if you were to apply the right amount of heat in the right way to safely soften glues and remove the glass to replace it, you’d still have to buy a new display module to get the replacement glass.


This is a trade-off to achieve easy repairability.
Swapping the display module can be done by almost everybody themselves.
But replacing the display glass? Much more complicated and a “don’t try this at home” procedure for professionals or a few specialised enthusiasts.


It doesn’t have to be for everyone, but if it would be exchangeable quite a few people would do it.
As the fairphone 1 came out, even some mainstream smartphones had exchangeable glasses.
But the fairphone has not, even today.