Bring FP-Edge Swipe Menu to FP2@Android 6?

We heard that the develeopment for the Fairphoen-Edge-Swipe-Menu will be dropped for Android 6@FP2.

  • But is it still possible to re-install it as a separately launcher after updating to Android 6 (without official support)?
  • Will it work and is there a downloadable *.apk available to do so?

you can try to extract the apk of the app save it an a computer and re install it after the update. Alternatively you could download the fp-open source code and compile only this specific app. This why, you could adopt it theoretically if there are compatibility problems.

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You could try a third-party app which offers this functionality.

When upgrading to Android 6, the apps which used to be on the edge swipe menu are automatically copied to the bottom row of the home screen (which again works like it did in Android 4, i.e. visible on all home screens).

Quoting myself from another topic:


…which wastes space …
The idea of the edge swipe menu was exactly to avoid wasting space and have the often used apps directly under your finger when you need it…FP will just drop support to free their ressources, and not why Google/Android made any improvement in this topic.


I agree. Although I almost never used the Edge Swipe I liked having it just so the launcher didn’t have a bottom row.
I switched to Catapult on Open OS now in preparation for Marshmallow (getting used to not having the FP launcher) and I like it a lot except for not being able to hide the bottom row. I have all my apps on my one homescreen reachable with one or two taps anyway, so the “all apps” button is useless to me.

The first thing I usually do on a new Smartphone is to install Nova Launcher. It’s a highly customizable launcher. Sure, not a 100% replacement for the Edge Swipe, but i.e. if you don’t like the dock because it’s a waste of space you can just switch it off. You can also define gestures for the app launcher.

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Suggestion: the contacts and phone dialer app, Drupe, works with a similar methodology and a lot more options.

Hi, I tried Catapult - but I cannot find the “direct call” widget anymore. There seem to be more widgets missing. Is it the same with your launcher. I use FP Open OS up to date.

Yeah some widgets are part of the FP launcher and not available for some other launchers. Then again there are some launchers that can somehow use the FP launcher widgets too.

I hope the widgets will be released as separate apps.

Oh and back on topic:

OpenLauncher has a kind of Edge Swipe on the left edge of the screen.

Bringing the Edge Swipe and other FP specific #features back will have to be a community effort: