Brightness Controls on Stock Camera

Hi everyone! I’m having trouble activating the manual brightness controls in the stock camera app. Basically, when I tap the screen for manual focusing, it should have a small little sun icon on the right that I would slide up and down for manual exposure. I can sometimes make it work, but it’s very unreliable. Can anyone help me with the proper instructions?

Playing around with it, I’d guess that HDR has to be set to Auto-Mode (small A in a circle on top of the letters HDR) to make the brightness symbol appear once you’ve tapped to focus.

Oh! It worked a charm this way. I also found out I can trigger it on regular HDR if I press on the screen once (white cross-hairs), swipe left to open the menu, then swipe right again.

Looks like I found a bug if anything. Hope some of the devs can see this message!

The Auto-Mode HDR works perfectly fine with brightness adjustment, thank you.

Developers probably won’t read this, as this is a user forum. But reporting bugs can always be helpful, so please write to the support here:

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