Brand new, unused, FP2 (Turquoise), received November 2018, £250 plus postage

I am selling a brand new, unused Fairphone 2 in turquoise - full details of the phone specs can be found here:

The phone was received directly from Fairphone in November 2018. I have checked that it works, but haven’t used it at all - it even still has the protective cover on the screen and original boxing.

Cost is £250 (plus postage). More photos available (I can only post one photo with this post for some reason).

I’m afraid there is no transferable warranty with this phone.

Payment by transfer or also possible by buyer protection PayPal. phone

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Hi Brunda,

I’d be interested! Why are you selling it? And where are you based!
Many thanks,


Hi Federico

I am based in London, but happy to ship the phone if you are not nearby.

I’m selling this phone because I now have another phone through work. I had a Fairphone 1 which I had some problems with and was replaced with this Fairphone 2, but since getting a phone through work I don’t need to use this phone and so it’s just been it sitting in the box (unused).

Why is there no transferable warranty with this phone?

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Hi there

This phone is a replacement phone for an old Fairphone 1 and as a result the warranty for the original purchase has been used up through time. I checked this with Fairphone directly. Thanks


Thanks for replying Burnda! I’m interested in your phone, I’ll send you a PM by the end of today.


Hi Brunda,

Do I see correctly that the FP2 is not sold yet?
If so, pls. know that I am interested.


Hello, i would like to buy it. Please advise how to proceed

Your Fairphone interests me. Is he still available?
Thank you

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