Brand new Fairphone 3+ case black

Recently I ordered a Fairphone 3+ and a accompanying case. Unfortunately the phone never came, but I still have the case. I’d like to give it to someone so it can be used.
To be picked up in The Hague, The Netherlands or send at your own costs.


What is the color of the case?


Forgot to mention, it’s black


Ah! there are two black versions, the original with bio plastic and the second version with 100% recycled, which of those :slight_smile:

The original

The Fairphone 3 Protective Case is slim, lightweight and soft, yet sturdy enough to survive unexpected shocks and drops. Made with 37% biomaterials and non-toxic plastic,

The new one

This form-fitting protective case is made from 100% recycled material and provides extra comfort and durability, with a sleek, smooth aesthetic.

Had to check, it’s the new one

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Hi Susan,

I have sent you a private message, but I am not sure whether I did it correctly so maybe it has not been delivered to you… I would like to have te case if it is still not taken by anyone else.

The case has found a new owner :slight_smile: