Brain transplant between two FP3's

Due to an overheated and melted charger module my FP3 had to be replaced. Within a week I received a new one, Hurray! Now I’m wondering whether I really have to go through the process of re-configuring everything or if I can somehow unscrew the memory of my old fairphone and insert it into the new one and have everything working just like it did before!

  • I looked at the i fix it guide but couldn’t find out what module the internal memory is supposed to be.
  • to further complicate the question, the one that died is a FP3, the new one a FP3+.

Who can help me identify the part I need to swap? Or tell me that this is not the way this works :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Although the FP3 is build as a modular phone, there is no possibility to swap the whole memory.
Which software are you running on your old FP3? When it is the stock Android with Google support, everything is probably stored in your Google account:


Not quite the way it works. :frowning:
For a start, this is where the CPU, RAM, Storage, etc is. All on the L-shaped motherboard.

It is at step 9/10 in this guide, and unless I’m mistaken going to step 8 and after invalidates the warranty?

If, IF the motherboard in your old phone is undamaged, I would say that it’s possible to swap the old motherboard to the new phone, and keep the new motherboard as a spare. But it is not as easy as replacing the other modules, and your warranty is at risk.

Backing up the phone by software is the better option.


If you’re running Android it should be unnecessary. I’m temporarily using a neighbour’s Nokia 4.2 as my FP3 is still out of commission, and after logging onto my Google account, all my settings were immediately set to what they were on my FP3. The Nokia also downloaded all my apps (on request, I unchecked some I didn’t feel were necessary on a temporary phone). Granted, I had to log in again for some of these, but since I use a password vault that was quickly arranged. I hardly notice I’m on a different phone!


Thanks for the prompt and knowledgeable responses! I think it is indeed best to not go this route. I did run normal android but with a skin/plugin to get rid of that “unfortunate” hard-coded google search bar, as well as an intricate set of widgets.
I hope I remember all the logins for all the accounts for the various platforms one has to be on these days. :wink:
On the other hand: Yay - new phone! A fesh start also gives possibilities to do things differently.

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So you have the old phone still.

I wonder what charger module you melted and if it is the bottom module will the phone work with it removed with a fully charged battery so that you can Wi-fi or Bluetooth any old data etc. you want to keep to an SD card fornmatted as portable, another phone or pc

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