Bought a new battery for FP1 but it fails regularly

Your issues with the battery might be related to using the facebook app. See also here. You should try uninstalling the app and see if your battery problems persist.

I have the exact same problem. Three weeks ago I bought a new battery because I thought the by you described problems could be related to my old one (which was nearly 2,5 years old). However, I am still experiencing these problems. I guess @Johannes could be right and that it does not have to be a problem related to the battery. (BTW, I don’t have a solution to these problems and I am still experiencing them myself :frowning: ).

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For me is not the same: I’ve put the old battery and it works better than the new one!
no problem with Facebook or other apps neither.
no signs of auto-reboot for the moment.

I guess I have to wait for the reply of the Support Service…

Well, I do have problems with Facebook. Most restarts happen when I open the app. Besides Facebook, also Spotify gives me a lot of restarts. Sometimes it happens also when I am not busy with my phone at all. It just restarts out of deep sleep (I have checked for wakelocks but none could be detected).

Have you tried the battery reset described in the #batteryguide ?

Just tried afew hours ago.
I’ll see if it does something.
Thanks for the advice

i had the same issue with my FP2, i solved it by placing a thin piece of paper at the bottom of the battery so it is more snug (it shouldn’t move at all). The phone stopped rebooting all the time right after i did that, and it started having a normal battery life again as well.
I had found that solution on the FP Forum, so i know it’s worked for other people.
good luck!

Hi to all,
@Stefan, I’ve done the whole battery reset process described in the #batteryguide twice
for the newly bought battery, but the problems are still there:

  • it continues to turn off by itself (even with the battery at 98%)
  • it continues to reboot by itself (not only while using facebook app)
  • it continues to loose its battery level very fast (from 40% to 0% in a few hours, even with the flight mode on)

And when I put the old original FP1 battery, everything becomes normal again, no ne of these problems appear.

Still no reply from the #support service, and it’s been 6 days since I’ve wrote to them.

Did you receive a battery of the old or the new batch?

It’s the new batch battery 'cause it has the bigger capacity, 2100 mAh / 7.98 Wh

This is not a problem for all new batteries. I just put in a new one and can use the phone for two days before recharging again.

For me, uninstalling Facebook helped when it came to the unexpected reboots. It still happens from time til time, but just on a weekly basis instead of multiple times a day.

However, it didn’t help for the problems related to the new battery. Last weekend the batterylevel dropped from 100 to 0 % in less than 90 minutes and it had to recharge for half a day before it reached 100% again…

I have been experiencing the same problems with my phone (F1), as branchi. I bought a replacement battery around the same time. Why would the phones be behaving in such manners?

You should contact Fairphone support ( ) and request a warranty replacement. Be sure to link to this topic.

Hi to all, thanks for your replies.
I’ve been replied by the support team: since I’ve tried everything you guys said, they’re gonna send a new battery.
Although, they ask for the disfunctioning battery to be recycled. Do you know how to do this?
Since the battery is not bloated (not dangerous), maybe I can send it back to Fairphone?
They linked me to their Recycle policy but I didn’t get the point on how actually do so.

Looking forward to your directions.

Usually batteries are collected at your communal recycle point or at super markets.

I know that…but I was hoping Fairphone could repair/reuse/recycle its own batteries

They aren’t battery manufacturers so the batteries should better be handled by authorized recyclers. Besides, sending the battery to Amsterdam would create unnecessary CO2-emissions.

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As well as danger and danger-induced high shipping costs.

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