Bottom module water damaged?

I got sea water (but the Baltic, so only 0,7 % salt) into my PF3 a few days ago. I followed the instructiuons in the forum. I disassembled the phone, removed all visible moisture with dry paper and left it disassembled in a plastic bag along with a whole bunch of silica gel bags for several days. Now, the phone starts and boots properly and I can use it normally, except that it is now unable to charge (with a charger that used to work perfectly) and cannot communicate through cable with a computer. Also, the microphone doesn’t work. Can I be absolutely sure that it is the bottom module that is broken? I do not know anyone close to me with a PF3 so I cannot test different parts. Also, I don’t want to order spare parts from the Netherlands unless I am absolute sure I order the exact parts I actually need. Or is it possible to test parts and send them back if not the right one?

Hi there!
With microphone not working and phone not charging, I would indeed strongly suspect the bottom module.
You can contact a #fairphoneangel to be sure that this part is faulty by trying a different one (hope there is one in your vicinity).