Bottom module - should I just buy one?

About 18 months ago I received a factory refurb as a replacement for my broken FP2. The primary microphone is now not working. I emailed support about a week ago but have only received emails saying they are too busy dealing with the launch of FP3 to deal with my request. Which is a tiny bit galling.

Should I just order a new bottom module through the webshop? Am I actually entitled to a free one?

If your original Fairphone was delivered less than 2 years prior to you contacting support about the broken module, then definitely (assuming the problem isn’t due to having done anything to it you shouldn’t have). If it’s been longer, in most countries you won’t be, but in some places you will be due to local variations in consumer law regarding warranty on warranty replacements.


I got my original fairphone over 3 years ago.

In this case my advise is yes, buy a new one…

The broken one could be useful for someone wanting to test a USB-C prototype so don’t throw it away :slight_smile:


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