Bottom module Ribbon Cable

I destroyed the ribbon cable on connecting the bottom module, and need a new one. Where can I get one? I can only find closed, not solved Cases on the forum and support does not answer my requests.

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Iā€™m afraid, that cable is no spare part available to the public. You can only try to find a donor FP3,

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Hi, Thanks for the answer.
So it is not a standard part you can just get? Kinda defeats the porpose of building a phone with modules you can swap. Disapointing

The modules are swapable, but the ribbon cable is no module.
You can wait for support, whether they can help you. It might take a week or two before you receive an answer.


Check the angelsmap maybe you have a Heaven close who has one, or just open a topic in the market section to search for one.

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