Bottom module needed

Hello dear Fairphone friends :slight_smile:
I need a new bottom module for my Fairphone 2. Shipping would be to Germany.

Kind regards Julia :slight_smile:

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, please check #how-to-dm.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

Hi Julia and welcome to the community forum. There are many such requests lately and you may want to consider a repair ~ you don’t say want the problem is ~ the usb port, microphone ??

Thanks for your reply. The microphone is broken. I already unscrewed the Phone all the way and saw that the microphone is loose under all the protecting parts. Does this make sense? I cant describe any better since my english is very limited in technical topics.

Yes that makes sense, your English is fine :slight_smile:

If you read this post you may be able to contact the author for help in repairing the mic. There are details elsewhere on the connecting strips that need checking and the flexibility of the board that allows the mic to seperate.

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Up to where exactly did you unscrew the phone, and what is loose? The bottom module? The microphone inside the module?

If you need, you can also describe your problem in German. There are several German-speaking people on the forum.
Wenn du es brauchst, kannst du dein Problem auch auf Deutsch beschreiben. Auf dem Forum sind viele deutschsprachigen Menschen.

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I’ll try it in both languages.

The microphone itself is loose. As I unscrewed it the microphone fell out.

Das Mikrofon ist locker. Wenn ich es bis direkt zum Mikrofon aufschraube, fällt es raus.


Maybe you post can an image of the problem.

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Thanks for the image, maybe someone who has repaired/replaced one can help.


This circuit board is unrepairable defect, as the four solder joints where the mircophone is connected with are gone.
Therefore some force is needed, maybe caused by the disassembling of the module.

RE @ElKrasso

Though I am not dismissing that it is unrepairable by you or anyone you know from what I have read the module has to be broken down to get to the back of the area where the mic is fitted. Once that has been achieved it may be possible to effect a repair. However the skills required are beyond most people’s desire to learn.

Thanks for the image it is very detailed


you can clearly see that there is no copper left in the round spots, where it should be. This is not repairable.

I was comparing to this image, which shows no copper. I thought I read that the plastic can be removed and there are contacts underneath ??


This image is an extraction of the one on the following post and looks almost identical even to the metal contscts viewed through the holes

No, I took this picture :wink: The red marking shows the wireing on the printed circuit board. The yellow mark is where a solder joint is missing. Also this PCB is broken. The copper is covered with solder tin why it looks silver.
And as this technology of PCB is called SMT (surface mount technology) there is no related wireing underneath. Probably this is a multi layer PCB, which means that there is also wireing between the top and the bottom side of the PCB.


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