Bottom module for Fairphone 2 - Switzerland

Dear all
I am looking for a new or second hand bottom module for my fairphone 2.
Is there anybody out there who has one or can organize one?

Thanks for your support.

Hi Herbert… You don’t say what is wrong/why you want one ?

Given the scarcity of such you may want to consider a repair DIY or via a shop.

the usb port is still ok but the microphone has most of the time a strong rushing, therefore the people do not hear my voice.
Is there a possibility to repair it by myself?

Did you follow the link above?
I imagine the first problem is getting hold of a suitable mic then the rest is just fiddly finger work and a soldering iron.

Also @Leo_TheCrafter is likely able to tell you which and where the mics are sourced from. I presume you have seen Leo’s module making posts. Look them up if not :slight_smile:

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