Boring slim case (e.g. black)?

No, we (the community) don’t have an official Fairphone answer to that question.

Maybe this is option:

I think they also ship black covers.

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I don’t know it either and can just guess.
Maybe this quote from the blogpost announcing the new covers (18 October 2016) can give a hint:

Obviously the aspect of a colourful and fresh look was an important design factor.
As @amber already stated, that look is a unique one thereby adding a recognition factor to the phone; the importance of which should not be underestimated.


It happened!


I immediately thought of this discussion as well.
Besides not doing the searching, I did not dare posting here, as I feared that “translucent” might not be “plain” enough.
As it seems to suit you, I’m happy for you!:sweat_smile:
And I really guess, that this demand for a black case has decided against a translucent blue one. (Besides the fact of course, that a blue cover is already available.)

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A transparent case can be painted black from the inside. Since the case is much thinner than wide, it will be hardly noticeable that the case is not stained in black. Special bonus: the paint will never wear off.
BTW, this is how big competitors like Samsung achieve their pitch black back covers.


Unless it will and then the detached paint will get the circuits filthy…

Proper paint does not come off that easily. When done right, the paint will be as durable as the material it sticks to. Mechanical stress which is sufficient to remove the paint would also affect the unfinished surface. I have yet to see scratches on the inside of my transparent fairphone cover.

The cover is probably made of polycarbonate (PC). The same material is used to mold miniature cars. Enthusiasts like to buy transparent parts and paint them to their liking. Consequently, companies in the miniature business offer paint which is specifically geared toward application on PC. E.g. Tamiya comes to mind.


Learning something new every day.
And even stuff as unexpected as this. :smiley:

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