Boring slim case (e.g. black)?

I’d like to second the need for a modest, simple black case.

The old black translucent case was perfect from a visual perspective imho: you could see the inner parts (remotely brings the Centre Pompidou to my mind) but only if you look close. From farther away you have a neutral, sleek look. As a designer I loved that simplicity with a twist. As my replaced old case will also split over time, I’d really love to see you offering a black slim case or even the concept of the translucent black in the new form!


Count me in for a simple black or transparent back cover.
With one FP2 I’m using the blueish/indigo cover right now, but I see it as a compromise.

For my taste all the currently available covers are way too colourful and make the FP2 look a little bit childish, like a toy phone. This doesn’t even get better with the big polished logo.
Overall a more subtle design would have been prettier I think.


I’m also not a fan of the new cases - you might call them childish or in my opinion just boring. I chose the turquoise one when my transparent case broke - as the lesser of the available evils.
Is there not any possibility to offer a new reliable design of transparent cases? I absolutely miss this - also as an opportunity to talk about the fairphone idea with people being curious about the transperent case and asking about my phone. That never happened to me with the new case. :frowning:


I’m sure there is, but I doubt FP have this very high on their agenda. For many months now they struggle because demand is so much higher than supply, so they probably won’t invest a lot of resources into making the FP2 appealing to more people right now.
Also I believe I read (on the blog or so) that the chosen colors were the most environmentally friendly.

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recently, my third original cover gave up. it ripped at the volume-keys, as expected.
i decided not to hassle the support team to get a replacing one, but just go to the webshop to get a slim cover and be done with the old thing that’s falling apart.
but when i got there i was surprised to find you could only order it in 4 colors: white, turquoise, blue, and red. what?!
my wardrobe is black. literally, 98 percent is black. the rest is grey. i have one red shirt, but it’s so dark red that it’s almost black. i now have a white f#cking phone, as it was the lesser of evils… it frustrates me to bits. yes, i know this is petty, yes i know there are bigger problems, but still. i’m not one for flashy electronics. i’m typing this on a thinkpad t-series, for instance. matte black, clunky, heavy. but it works like a charm, which is what’s important.

now, to the question:
why?! why not in black? transparent black, maybe? matte dark grey, even?

i have spent some time plowing through old forum posts and found two rumours:
1: black is too popular, and FP can’t keep up with demand, so by not having black as an option they hope to keep demands lower.
b: black was on the design table for the slim cover, but didn’t look good.

so, secondary questions/reactions:
1: srsly?! come on.
b: you really think coral red with bright blue buttons dóés look good?!

btw, i did also send an email to the support team about my cover breaking down, wíth the question for black. it’s been two weeks, and no reply. the webshop is clearly a lot quicker than the support.


related question: anyone got some experience with dyeing or stickering the slim cover?

yes, paula, i had read that too, but it is in no way an answer, is it? i asked if anyone had experience with it, as in, has anyone tried dying or painting it and how did it hold up?

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It depends on your personal taste. I think, no one else has this to offer, so beyond just being colourful, it is also unique.

I also got a printed cover which was needed for a hardware extension inside because the slim cover was too slim. It works out, but the original cover is still much stronger.


According to a poll from almost a year ago red is the most desired color (of the one’s available):

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…but is there an answer to my main question? why is there no black option?


No, we (the community) don’t have an official Fairphone answer to that question.

Maybe this is option:

I think they also ship black covers.

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I don’t know it either and can just guess.
Maybe this quote from the blogpost announcing the new covers (18 October 2016) can give a hint:

Obviously the aspect of a colourful and fresh look was an important design factor.
As @amber already stated, that look is a unique one thereby adding a recognition factor to the phone; the importance of which should not be underestimated.


It happened!


I immediately thought of this discussion as well.
Besides not doing the searching, I did not dare posting here, as I feared that “translucent” might not be “plain” enough.
As it seems to suit you, I’m happy for you!:sweat_smile:
And I really guess, that this demand for a black case has decided against a translucent blue one. (Besides the fact of course, that a blue cover is already available.)

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A transparent case can be painted black from the inside. Since the case is much thinner than wide, it will be hardly noticeable that the case is not stained in black. Special bonus: the paint will never wear off.
BTW, this is how big competitors like Samsung achieve their pitch black back covers.


Unless it will and then the detached paint will get the circuits filthy…

Proper paint does not come off that easily. When done right, the paint will be as durable as the material it sticks to. Mechanical stress which is sufficient to remove the paint would also affect the unfinished surface. I have yet to see scratches on the inside of my transparent fairphone cover.

The cover is probably made of polycarbonate (PC). The same material is used to mold miniature cars. Enthusiasts like to buy transparent parts and paint them to their liking. Consequently, companies in the miniature business offer paint which is specifically geared toward application on PC. E.g. Tamiya comes to mind.


Learning something new every day.
And even stuff as unexpected as this. :smiley:

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