Bootloop after re-flashing xposed (after FPOOS 17.01)

I just updated (at least I tried) my FPOOS on the last 17.01.0 and I can’t boot my phone any longer.
What I did exactly is:

  • a Titanium Backup of my apps and settings
  • launch the update with Fairphone Updater
  • reboot my phone in TWRP, it updated
  • reboot again, the (normal looking) update occurred
  • notice that Xposed is not there
  • reboot to TWRP, flash Xposed installer zip

And now I can only access TWRP, or it will stay forever on the boot screen.
Did that thing happen to anyone else ? I’m completely stuck, and any help would be greatly appreciated :sweat:
Thanks in advance !

Which version of XPosed did you flash?
You’ll need v87, it won’t work otherwise. :wink:


Oh, yeah that makes sense, i didn’t know that (I used v72) :3 Thank you very much !!