🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Bootloader nach der Installstion von LineageOS sperren? Lock bootloader after LineageOS install?

Ich habe gestern auf meinem Fairphone 3 LineageOS 17.1 mit OpenGApps nano installiert. Nun möchte ich wissen, ob es möglich ist, den Bootloader wieder zu sperren, da das ja anscheinend doch ein bisschen sicherer ist. Ich weiß, dass dann alle Daten gelöscht werden, habe aber im Internet auch gelesen, dass das Gerät gebricked wird / werden könnte. Kann und sollte ich den Bootloader wieder sperren?

Yesterday I installed LineageOS 17.1 with OpenGApps nano on my Fairphone 3. Now I want to know if it is possible to lock the bootloader again, since that is apparently a bit safer. I know that all data is then deleted, but have also read on the Internet that the device is / could be bricked. Can and should I lock the bootloader again?


You can, as seen in this guide:

Whether you should, I don’t know.


Hi T.S.Spivet

I bought my FP3+ two weeks before and did (nearly) the same as you did. Installing LOS 17.1 with MicroG. Runs fine so far even I do not find some (to me) essential apps. Nevertheless, I don’t like the message about the unlocked bootloader every time I boot up my phone.

So, may I ask about your progress to relock? Or any information you found about?


Hi @MathiasS,

I run LOS 17.1 with microg and have locked it.
Locking is really easy (‘fastboot oem lock’, like @Alex.A wrote).
But please consider that the phone will do a factory reset while locking. Came as a surprise for me. :wink:


Hi Mathias,
yes, I relocked my phone and I had no problems using it until now. The updates are working properly too. As @struppi said, relocking will perform a factory reset and therefore wipe all your personal data and apps.


@struppi and @T.S.Spivet

Thank you very much for your fast reply to both of you!


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