Bootloader accidentally flashed, now system stuck on bootscreen

Hello Community,
today i did something very stupid, I flashed the bootloader of the Fairphone 2 with the wrong image (bootloader-marlin-8996-012001-1709121620.img from this package of this site Now the Phone doesn’t boot properly. It gets stuck at the bootscreen (before any os boots) and starts to heat up. I think that the wrong bootloader causes this problem. Any idea where i can get an original image of the bootloader or another idea how to fix this? Recovery and fastboot still work the battery charges as well, just the system doesn’t boot. I hope you can help.
with kind reguards,

That’s not so stupid, as the Fairphone 2 is very open to different OSes being easily flashed on it. But to follow through with a tutorial dated April 1st 2017 that sounds too good to be true … well, you felt adventurous I suppose :wink: .

If Fastboot mode still works (How did you confirm this?), and it seems you wanted a newer version of Android, why not install LineageOS currently based on Android 7.1 und used by quite a lot of users here? Here’s how …

Else you could try to manually install Fairphone OS again …


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