Bluetooth - telephone pairing with my car fails

I had the Fairphone 1 and it has always paired perfectly with all my cars. However, my new FP2 fails to pair with my current car (Ctroen DS3). The car display indicates that the connection with the telephone profile has failed.
Which profiles are supported?

Do these lists help? Can you get what specs are supported by your car from Citroën? Are you using the latest FP2 software? The FP2 is pretty similar to a Nexus 5 (shown on the Citroën website, made by LG).

Update: Oh, and also check that you got the latest radio firmware on your car :wink:

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THanks a lot for all these usefull infos. I checked the firmware it seems uptodate but we never know. . .

I 'll try to find a way…

Best greetings

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