Bluetooth problems: car hands-free not connecting, dropouts with audio devices

1. Car hands-free in Citroen C5 not working
Connecting worked only one time, further tries failed. The car finds the FP2, but the connection cannot be established.
2. Dropouts with audio devices
With several devices ( ear phone, speaker ) every few seconds i get short dropouts.

I experienced a similar problem with my standard music player, but after I changed the app (and user apollo from fdroid) the problem was solved.

Maybe you could try if another player app solves this issue.

Perhaps there is some information on connecting in here.
And on dorpouts here.

Thanks a lot for the hint. The problem appears with different apps, unfortunately when I play a podcast from the web I can’t change the integrated player in the browser. It’s also the case with a MIDI player app.

Thanks, hopefully the next update will solve the issues.