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Hi there, I just read the Guardian review, which mentions a weak Bluetooth performance on the FP3. This would be a showstopper for my order. Could someone who already owns a FP3 share their experiences with Bluetooth?

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“but Bluetooth performance was pretty poor” Fairphone 3 review: the most ethical and repairable phone you can buy | Smartphones | The Guardian


I am still waiting for the phone (most likely for a few more weeks).
I have added your link to the Guardian article to the list of curated articles.

Right now I do not remember another article mentioning this problem.
But that’s because most did not test it, according to my memory. Most of the articles are just mere news-flashs reporting just the specs.
Of course I have not read all of them and not just becaus many of the languages I do not understand. :wink:

You might try to look, if you find some more reference to bluetooth performance.

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I have the FP3 for a week now and indeed I’ve noticed the Bluetooth connection is way less efficient than on my previous FP2…


In which situation do you experience the difference between FP2 and FP3? Is it only total range or also related to the use of bluetooth headphones?

I will let you know as soon as I have the device (October, ordered 27/08 @ 12.15).

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My experience: range is the same as with my previous phone and exceeds one room :slight_smile:
(only tested with a bluetooth speaker)

I cannot select a contact to ring in my car, by using FP3. Is there a solution for Buetooth with FP3, otherwise I have to use my old Nokia in my car.

I have been unable to connect my FP3 to any other phone or tablet device. Whilst they agreed to pair (I get the 6 digit pairing code), all that happens is the Bluetooth symbol on the FP3 disappears.

I can connect to other Bluetooth device like ear piece, headphones and speaker, but not to another phone or tablet.

Very disappointing performance issue. Makes me wonder if there is no protocol for bluethooth ad that each product developer has heir own protocol standard.

Welcome to our community. Just tried sending a photo from FP3 paired to FP2 without issue:

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Thanks for the info, but you are connecting a FP3 to a FP3, so both phones are the same. This makes sense as both phones use the same Bluetooth firmware. My issues is that I cannot connect my FP3 to another make of phone. In the past I have Bluetooth linked different makes of phones together to share internet connection through data. So why can I not connect my FP3 to another make of mobile phone?


Does the post say that? Does the photo show that?
I despair :slight_smile: .

Each phone in the picture clearly says “Fairphone” but would agree it does not show which model, so my apologies on that point. However, this is showing a connection between two Fairphones. My point is that I cannot Bluetooth connect my FP 3 to my old Sony Exp 1. But, I have connected my old Sony Exp 1 to an Alcatel phone, so I know that Bluetooth connection between different makes is possible. My issues is, my FP3 will not connect to any other make of phone I have nor to my tablet. What would be nice to see is a picture of a FP3 connected to another make of mobile phone like a Sony or Samsung for instance.

As it’s Sunday I’ll humour you, FP3 Android 9 and Pixel 3 Android 10:FP3Pixel3

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Thanks for your replay ‘aspergerguy’ and I do not appreciate the fact that you “had to humour” me. I did not join this community to be treated in such away. I felt I had a reasonable question and you have added to my dislike of community forums.

While I agree the wording doesn’t come across as very nice in my online dictionary … the thing is I really had to look up whether its meanings are all negative.

I wouldn’t be so quick to assume ill intent. We’re all humans here (apart from discobot), and humans err.
Some humans misread here and there, some humans misword here and there, some humans are snarky here and there … well ok, we certainly don’t like the snarky ones :slight_smile: .

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Communication is always a tricky thing to do.
Especially, when people don’t use their mother’s tongue; and even more so, when both parties have to rely on translation.
So it is always advisable to read carefully, and give the other one some credit for good intent. translates “to humour so” as giving in or to leave someone his/her will. So my guess would be it is meant to say: Here is what you have been asking for, matching a FP3 with a phone of another make.
Maybe not exactly polite, but not really offensive either.

And it might have been in reaction to the previous exchange, as the first post with the two paired FP clearly states

(Boldface by me.)

Hi all
Just had my FP3 for a couple of weeks and bluetooth performance is not as good as the FP2 I had: smaller range and the one I really want to crack is connecting it to my car radio (VW T5 2014). I get the 6 digit pairing code (I didn’t need this in the past) but there is no option to input the code into the radio. Any pointers/ideas on how to resolve this?

Unfortunately you maybe out of luck as all sorts of problems with Ford Sync 3 as here:
In the time scale you are referring to with your VW T5 2014 in car technology used to be several years in arrears unlike today. Did your VW unit ask you to input code upon FP2 which was usually “0000”?


Hi ‘aspergerguy’
You seem very active and helpful in this forum - thanks for that. Your answer prompted me to check again and this time I was able to connect to the VW car stereo unit via Bluetooth.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:


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