Bluetooth paired with my car but frequent dropouts

Hi there,
My FP3 is well paired with my car (Range Rover Evoque), but the bluetooth connexion log off very very frequently and come back again without any reason When bluetooth logg off:

  • The bluetooth Audio source disappears in the list, and I don’t have any more music in my car
  • And if I am calling someone with my car hands-free system, the sound in my car suddenly cuts (and is transfered back to the FP3). It comes back again after few minutes.
    I tried to reset the bluetooth pairing but nothing has changed. I have the latest FP system update.
    Can you help me?
    Many thanks!!

Welcome to our forum. Although you don’t specify the MY = Model Year of your Range Rover Evoque, mobile phone connectivity has been a JLR strong point for a number of years now supporting a wide range of Android/IOS devices and unfortunately your problems are due to bluetooth shortcomings from what is regarded by JLR as an un-supported device. Presumably your Evoque is not one of the more recents ones using dedicated Land Rover Android mobile application? Does it make any difference how near to centre console your FP3 is stored whilst in vehicle in case of poor Bluetooth reception?

Thank you for your quick reply Aspergerguy. Indeed, it’s an unsupported device. There is no change if I am near or far from the console. I’ll try the in control apps! Thank you!

I’m having the same issue with my car (discovery sport). Did the in control app fix anything for you?