Bluetooth issues after upgrade to Android 6

Since the upgrade to Android 6 I’m experiencing lots of problems with Bluetooth connections on my FP2, mostly:

  • A TomTom device that was not able to detect the FP2 anymore (a lot of toggling BT on/off and clearing BT caches finally solved it)
  • My Fitbit Blaze smartwatch that constantly stops synchronising with my FP2. By having FP2 ‘forget’ the BT-connection, it sometimes re-establishes the BT connection with the smartwatch, but only for 1 synchronisation. What’s even more interesting, that sometimes the smartwatch can synchronise with the FP2, but the smartwatch is NOT shown in the list of paired BT devices. That’s scary! :wink:

I’ve cleared caches of Bluetooth sharing and Fitbit app a zillion times. Location services are running (I know this is required for BT in Android 6). Also uninstalled the Fitbit app, reconnected it with the smartwatch, and then it synchronises 1 time… I’ve also found a “reset network” option that promised to reset all BT connections. But nothing has helped. I love the new Android 6, but I really also like my smartwatch to be able to synchronise and receive notifications.

Before you refer me to Fitbit: with Android 5 I had NO problems at all. So it must be related to Android 6.

Is there anything else I could try? I really don’t want to factory reset the phone. What’s more, why would that help while using the “Reset network” option has NOT helped? Could I downgrade back to Android 5–if so, how?

Curious to know if this issue persists? Might there be a new Android 6 update available?

This issue still persists. I have opened a support ticket 6 weeks ago, but the only thing I’ve heard back is that they are investigating things.

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