Bluetooth headset and FP1U


I use a Bluetooth headset (Sony SHB80). It’s very good, but since recently,when I call people they can’t hear me. I hear a beeping sound as well, maybe that is a sign that something is wrong? I can use it for Music, and I hear the person I’m calling.
Could it have something to do with a Fairphone update?
I have reinstalled it but it still doesn’t work.


Did you check if the Bluetooth headset works properly with another device? If it also doesn’t work there, maybe the microphone is broken.

I had similar behavior with my Calypso BT Headset, you should check the kind of BT pairing between phone and headset, sometimes it seems the phone sees the headset as a “audio device” only while, waiting a bit or try to repairing it sees also as “phone headset” (don’t remember exactly the names of the services).
You can also try to pair the headset and then turn it off and on again without deactivating bluetooth.
Bye! :smile:

I tested another headset, and it didn’t work either.

I have dropped the phone a couple of times so maybe it’s a bit broken…

Thnx anyway!

A factory reset / wipe cache / wipe data could work. Maybe the bluetooth software got messed up?