Bluetooth Hands Free option - off choices?

I bought a Ks Boombox (yeah I know, not Green) - to play music with Bluetooth from my FP2. It works!! - but then the FPhone rings… The Boombox (way over there…) gets the ring, I accept the call, the caller says “Hello?..” way over there - and can’t hear me… until I turn off the Boombox. What fun!
The Boombox Manual says (as an Android) “you can turn off the hands free function” by going “to the wireless menu”, the settings icon next to the ‘Boombox+’, then uncheck the Call Audio box>>>
No settings Icon. Just on/off.
How do I turn off the Hands Free option?? (what Ha… woteva) - so I can answer calls here - while the music plays over there?

Enter “Bluetooth” via pull down menu. At bottom tab “more settings” (german: Weitere Einstellungen). Tab the gearwheel besides your Boombox entry, unselect “Phone audio” (german: Telefon-Audio) -> OK

This should navigate phone calls to the phone and not to the box.

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