Bluetooth file type transfer limitation

I tried to transfer via bluetooth a file of YAML type (.yaml extension) from PC (Ubuntu) to Fairphone.
That fails everytime. But if I add .txt or .pdf extension (by example) to the file name, the transfer works properly.
Is there a method to modifiy transfer permissions based on file extension?
Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English.
E. Durup


There seems to be a whitelist of allowed file types, see

7.0 nougat - Bluetooth file transfer limited to specific file extensions? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange


Thank’s I will see this post.

You can try changing the extension to ‘txt’ for example and change it back once transferred.

That’s what s/he did according to the first post.


@urs_lesse Thanks :blush:
for reminding me to read the whole topic and carefully

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