Bluetooth earphones cannot connect

my plantronics headset cannot connect to my new FP2. With my old Samsung it always happened automatically. However, I do not find the headsets if I look under pairing devices? Anyone knows the trick to connect?

I had the same problem. Tried to see if it came from the headset or from the phone but it paired fine with another phone…
It finally worked when pairing in this order :

  • activate bluetooth on FP2
  • Click research
  • Then, and only then, launch the pairing from the headset.

That’s how it connected for me. But now I have another problem : the sound is awful !..

Thanks for the help. Contacted also fairphone, but it still does not work. Actually I cannot connect to ANY music device I tested so far. Sooo disappointed . :confused:

Update: Still cannot connect to ANY music related devices. Only pairing with other mobiles for data transfer is possible.

That is what fairphone answered me:

we see that some headphones are not working proper. We have another look in our Bluetooth implementation - if there is a bug be sure we will try to fix it with the next update.

Sttill waiting for a fix :(((

I can’t connect my brand plantronic via Bluetooth neither PTE14 (357197068964017)

It works with Sony Bluetooth headphones. So far I was also NOT able to connect my fairphone to any stationary Bluetooth music speakers

Can you be more specific about the tested speakers?
I am using 2 FP2 with different production dates running FPOS. I never had any problems using bluetooth connections of any kind / profile so far.

I frequently use 5 different bluetooth audio devices: Creative D100, Audi MMC for hands-free, Bose Soundlink Mini, Yamaha RX-V679 and a Logitech bluetooth speaker adapter. Pairing with Sony and Samsung phones for file sharing worked as well.

Could be a problem with the sequence in the pairing process as @Matthhou described in his post above.

I have the same problem also with a plantronics headset. Easily connects with another smartphone, but the Fairphone2 cannot find it (independent of the sequencing).
Any other help?