Bluetooth car connection - information not properly display on car when playing music

First let me say that I am really happy to own a Fairphone despite the minor bug I am about to describe here:
When my Fairphone 3+ is connected via Bluetooth to my VW Touran, everything seems to be working fine, except when playing music (using Spotify or any other music app):
The music is playing correctly, but sometimes the associated information, like artist name, track title, duration and image, is not properly displayed.
More precisely, the textual information (title, artist, album and total duration) concerns the previous played track, or just stay stuck on the first tracks information, while music keeps playing from track to track.
May the textual bug be present or not, the track image is NEVER displayed.
This behavior is only observed with my Fairphone3+, while none of these bugs are presents when we use the phone of other members of my family (Samsung 's and Huawei 's ) (with the very same car / our VW Touran).
That’s why I really thing the explanation is to be found on my Fairphone’s side.

Any idea / piece of advise?


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Hi Pascal, welcome to the community forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you indicate which OS and version you are running on the FP3+? This is found by going to Settings > About phone > Build number

The most recent update (for standard FPOS) is 8901.4.A.0010 & 8901.4.A.0011 announced here. This is a version of Android 11.

Any additional information you can supply might help (apps, versions, such as Android Auto?)

Rather than using Bluetooth you may obtain better performance using Android Auto Wireless which uses Wi-Fi (much better bandwidth likely required for full functionality). This is reputedly available on Tourans since 2016 and on phones running Android 11 and supporting 5 GHz Wi-Fi (the FP3 running latest FPOS update is compatible). It requires setting up initially using a USB connection as described here for example.

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Thanks for your response.
My FP3+ is running Android 11 and OS Build number is 8901.4.A.0011

I’ll give a try to to Android Auto Wireless : thanks for the tip.

Coming back to the Bluetooth bug, does anyone else encountered such problem?


Yep, I have a related problem. It seems I can’t share the internetconnection with bluetooth or as a hotspot. That’s a problem in the car. I discovered that the problem doesn’t occur when I switch to a Vodafone simcard.

That might mean that the first operator doesn’t support Internet connexion sharing, or that a change of configuration is required.
You might check with the SIM operator.

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I did - waiting for an answer.

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Thanks for your message / reply in this thread.

Android Auto did not work / is not activated on my VW Touran, so I can’t use this workaround.
I connected my phone using USB to my car and tried to activate Android Auto, but this is not working.
I also activated wifi connection sharing on my car, etc, but nothing worked.

My main goal is just too have correct media information displayed when playing music, may it be using Bluetooth, wifi or any other means.

Did anyone else encountered the Bluetooth media info bug I am facing (described in the first message of this thread)?
Possibly on another car?


I’m not sure its a BT bug or a Fairphone bug, such/similar happened to me many times in different cars also with an IPhone, especially when using Spotify.

sounds similar as well

and another topic (in german)

Thanks for the feedback.
I’ll give a try with YouTube music.

Still I’m intrigued by the fact that this problem occurs with my Fairphone, and not with the 4 other android phones in my family.
Using Spotify (same version, i.e. latest version) on any of these 4 other phones with the same car, leads to proper / correct display of track info.

After some updates IT worked, buy now i had to sent nu mobile to repair. Buy they dont answer my questions.

I just remembered, and H_Verweij’s post jogged my memory. Let’s not forget that car software may need updating to work properly with the phone. When did you last update the car’s system?

I do with my new FP4 on my old Volvo V40 (2018).
FP4 is the only phone with such problems.

Exactly the same, music continues, but the information from the first song just stays.

I am using Tidal, I am not paying for Spotify any more (I do not want to pay Joe Rogan).

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The car is a brand new one, early 2022, so I think it should be recent enough / up to date.
Anyway, I’ll see if I can check and update its software.

Ok, so I am not the only one then: thanks.
So the bug does occur when you are using Spotify with your Volvo.
Does it also occurs when you use Tidal to play music with your Volvo?

Sorry for not being clear - I am not using Spotify as they finance spreading of misinformation. (for example COVID: Joe Rogan: Four claims from his Spotify podcast fact-checked - BBC News)
I am using only Tidal and have the same problem.

Hi Pascal,

I don´t have the issue you describe but I did a small research in the internet.
One finding is that I had several hits that contained the combination of Spotify and (not only but mainly) VW group cars (VW, SEAT, Skoda, etc) when I searched through (german speaking) forums.

One thing that caught my attention was a hint pointing towards the Bluetooth AVRCP version.
Check this setting on your FP and your VW Touran. Recommended seems to be having the same version running on both “devices” to reduce issues about title/track information and track image being wrong or even not displayed.

Also it´s recommended to have at least version 1.3 or above running on both sides for reducing issues.
In case you can´t get enough information about the AVRCP inside your VW I´d recommend to switch it on your FP between 1.3 and 1.6 to see if this fixes the situation on your side.

These options can be selected on your FP by activating the developer settings and then scrolling down to the respective option.
On my side it works without issues by using AVRCP 1.5 on my FP3 along with my Skoda Octavia (build 2016)

Info about how to enable developer settings in android:

Some more info about Bluetooth AVRCP:

Hope this helps !



Hi DonFnord,

Thanks a lot for this excellent finding!
I just switched to AVRCP 1.6 after I reading the link you shared about AVRCP, i.e. AVRCP: What Is It and Which Version to Choose? (Best One)
I am not able to test now, but I will definitely give a feedback here once test is done.
Thanks again

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Like I said: hope it helps since I can´t test it here on my own without having a Touran here :wink:

However: If 1.6 doesn´t help, too. Please try also the other versions down to 1.3
It´s worth testing it. Even if it´s an almost brand new car. My experience with VW and Skoda was that even if the car´s brand new; the software inside isn´t truely like that, too (and I guess that can be stretched over much more manufacturers – but off topic).
Plus: With a little bit luck you get some (hopefully free) update. I recommend poking the manufacturer and also the dealer (of your Touran) about this topic. Some proactive investigation seems to help quite often with those guys :wink:

I´m curious about your feedback once you had a chance to test it :+1:

I tested all available AVRCP version up to 1.6 and the track image is still not displayed. I tested with Spotify and YouTube Music.
I did only a few tests and I could not reproduce the other bug, i.e., the track textual metadata not being updated. So now, textual information seems ok title, artist name, duration)… seems, because I did not enough tests I think.
The thing is that an OS update was applied on my FP3+ since my last post. I am now using build 8901.4.A.0013.4 release-keys
So my configuration has changed…

PS: since the last update, I got 3 phone reboot while I was taking a picture / shooting a video
I don’t know if it’s a new bug (related to 8901.4.A.0013.4 release-keys) or if it was already present in former build.
I’ll search through the forum about that.
Feel free to point out to me some links about this camera reboot but. Thanks

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Hi Pascal
Thanks for sharing the results of your tests - even if it didn´t solve your problem.

Best DonFnord

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