Bluetooth can not be activated since update 1.6.2

Hi all together,
since the bluetooth is not working with my mercedes c-class since the last three updates the bluetooth now since update 1.6.2 is not working anymore… it tries to be activated but it skips directly. does anybody has the same problem? has anyone a work around?

Need to test more, but I may have had the same issue with FordSync today…Bluetooth on…the car reckoned it could ‘see’ the phone but wouldn’t connect. Will try again tomorrow…

thanks for your answer, but i think we misunderstood us a little bit:
my problem is that since last update up to 1.6.2 and the update of the density sensor… Bluetooth can not be activated anymore. i push the slider button to “on” position an it sets automatically back to “off”…does anybody has the same problem? i already placed this problem to zendesk but you know…

hi all together, since nobody could solve this i contacted the support and they suggested a factory reset - and that´s it! now bluetooth can activated an deactivated in a normal way. the connectivity problem with my car is still (one year) unsolved.

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