Bluetooth can no longer see other BT devices (FP2)

About 2 weeks ago my FP2 (running latest vanilla update) rebooted itself, and since then it can’t see/detect any other bluetooth devices. The BT setting screen shows nothing, but my Lenovo tablet can see the 3 BT devices I have in my house. I’ve tried the phone elsewhere (in car, in work) and it just doesn’t list any BT devices.

Any thoughts/advice please ? Is it a hardware problem or is there a possible software solution ?


Last week the bluetooth started working again. No explanation - it just started seeing all of the BT devices as normal. No OS updates in between. I had a few reboots (most of which were me seeing if a reboot would restart BlueTooth), and I think (but can’t be sure) it had a random reboot that morning before I went back to my car.

I sat in my car, turned the engine on, and the phone appeared on the in-car system!

Still concerned that this may therefore be an intermittent fault.

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