Bluetooth: can connect but can't send files (FP1(U) to Mac)


I’m connecting my FP to my macbook air OS 10.9.2 via bluetooth. They can see each other fine and i can send a file from my mac to my FP. But can’t send files from FP to mac, neither can i browse files on FP from the mac. I’ve tried updating to Kola Nut 1.8 but still have the same problem.

It does work both ways if i connect with USB but would really like to get bluetooth working.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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I have the exact same problem. Anyone else, too? Any fixes?

Same problem here.
I have also not been able to send files from my Fairphone to another Fairphone via bluetooth, although the other Fairphone was able to send them to mine. So I’m not 100% sure it’s about Mac OS.

Have you both paired the FP1(U) and the Mac?

Yep. Just unpaired and paired devices again, in case that was the issue. Problem persists.

Have you cleared Cache and Data in Settings > Apps > All > Bluetooth?

Hadn’t thought about it, thank you! But still, unfortunately, the problem persists even after doing that.