Bluetooth audio with backround noise

I have 2 different bugs with bluetooth audio. The first bug is the one with interruptions - FP2 with two Sony headsets, no workaround
Discussed already in this topic:

The second bug is the backround noise when playing bluetooth audio from FP2 on my car stereo (Ford Fiesta). Sounds like recorded from bad analog audio source on a tape, copy that on a second tape and play this tape in a walkman with low batteries - sorry for all readers born after 1990 and grown up with digital audio, but this is the most appropiate description for me :wink:
For this backround noise bug i have found a workaround: turn off bluetooth on FP2 while playing, turn on again and start playing.
Anyone else having this problem?
For me this is a further annoying bug.

edit: I did have this bug from day one, no change with OS 1.2.8


I’m sorry you haven’t received an answer in such a long time.

Did you already try 1.3.6? Apparently it improves bluetooth audio quality:

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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I’ve tested it now with 1.3.6 and there was no backround noise anymore. It seems to be fixed.
You may close this topic, thank you.