Bluetooth audio bug on Android 12

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Remarks by the software update FP4 20230318

It worked for me, thanks a lot !

Is there any information if the AptX/AptX adaptive bug has been fixed with B.065? Desperately waiting…


Could now test it myself. Bug is NOT fixed. Neither AptX nor AptX adaptive work. VERY disappointing. :angry:


It wasn’t in the script, . . . . slowly slowly

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This was not mentioned in the change log, so it was pretty obvious, that this bug is not yet fixed, IMHO.


Many thanks for your enlightning comment. Now I finally understand what this change log is good for. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

However, I’ve been waiting to use my fine in-ears at full potential again without needing the transmitter case since FP4 got the upgrade to A12. Reason enough to check if something has happened without notice. The partial fix of the AptX bug was incorrectly reported as well.

You’re used to mansplaining in real life, right?

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What is your problem?

If you know how to read a changelog your comment here is completely unnecessary.
And yes you are right, that the fix for AptX was announced but not done for all codecs. But this time there was not even a mention of any other error fixed in this release.

It was announced only for the correction made ( Aptx HD) and not overall for all AptX codecs.

A bug that was causing the Bluetooth audio to stop working when the aptX HD codec was selected, has been fixed.


Are you kidding us right now?

Where does it say that only PART of the problem should be solved?
It was clearly stated that the fault was taken care of. And the error is still there!
The fact that only aptx HD was fixed does NOT mean that the problem has been fixed. The feedback from the forum should be more than clear that it is not so.

No one complained that aptx HD didn’t work, only that their headphones with HD audio stopped working.
The underlying protocol cannot be less important for the user. He just wants to be able to use his expensive headphones to the full extent with his even more expensive Fairphone 4, just like he did with Android 11. Is that an exaggerated demand from the customer?


No one says is should only, the only I said is, it was only…


We need a solution to the problem for our headphones!
Completely independent of which version aptx is required. The feature was available in Android 11.

I really have the impression that only aptx HD protocol was fixed because the new Fairphone XL headphones support this feature. So far, this is the only bug that was fixed directly after the Android 12 update.

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Als Audio-Codec werden AAC, SBC und aptX HD geboten – uneingeschränkter HD-Klang wird somit nicht plattformunabhängig geboten, ein freier HD-Codec nicht unterstützt.

Have you tried to re-do the bluetooth pairing (i.e., in Android Settings, list the previously connected devices. Click on the gear icon, then on the trash symbol (English label: “Forget”). Then pair your bluetooth device again.

This step was necessary for me after the latest update (Build number FP4.SP28.B.065.20230420) with my Sony WH 1000 XM3, now they are working fine. Please note that they are using aptX HD, not aptX.

High togerher, my FP4 worked well with my son’s JBL Bluetooth Headphones. Now I got Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 (AS a birthday-present) and have an interesting phenomenon: I can use the earphones for phonecalls but not for listening to music. The Sennheiser- App says “Codec: keine Audioübertragung”. Strange… Have you got a hint how to solve it??

Hi and welcome, did you read above to check if you are hit by the here named bug? If not I would suggest to do so.

High Yvmuell, thank you for your answer. And: yes, I ready Most of it - and I think, it is the announced bug. The ways of solving it (reconnecting, checking for updates (all up to date) did not help. Comment: the new headphones work well with my wife’s Samsung.
Conclision: the bug seems not to be fixed yet.
Is a fix expected??

Thats still the status quo

I expect a fix however no one knows when it will come

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Hey Yvonne, thanks for your answer! The Sennheiser-earphones use aptX HD which is also switched on in the app, the buildnumber is FP4.SP28.B.065.20230420. So it should work, but it doesn’t… I think, I will give Up and change the phones with my wife’s JBLs. And put the experience on the FP-negative-list.

Hello everyone,

We are aware that the issues related to aptX were only partially resolved with a previous software update. I’m happy to share that our Software Team has prepared a fix for the remaining 2 variants of aptX, and that it will likely be included in the July update.

I’ll let you know when the timing is more concrete.