Bluetooth and incoming call at the same time causes problems

Hello there, it happened several times that I would be listening to music and get an incoming phone call. The phone will ring loud and also on the headphones. It looks like a normal call, but all i can do is take the call or reject. It isn’t possible to turn off bluetooth before taking the call. When I take the call the other person can’t hear me, because my headphones are to low quality, but while having the call it’s not possible to turn off bluetooth, because the phone is too busy with maintaining the call and making bluetooth connection. So right now, for me it’s best to reject the call, turn off bluetooth and call back the person. It’s a bit unfortunate. I wonder if anybody ever had the same issue…

What about just turning off the BT device instead of trying to turn off BT on the phone?

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Thanks for your idea. I’ll try this out. I think I just didn’t try out, because the headphone case usually is stored in my backpack or not nearby.

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