Blueborne fix for Fairphone 1?

Hello there,

I guess everyone know there are major 0 day security issues on Android with Bluetooth revealed today I think. Will there be any fix for poor FP1 users that we are? Or must we pray (I don’t) to not being attacked?

I saw there was already one for FP2 which is nice. For FP2 users.


I’m not quite sure why this post was split from “Fairphone 1 maintenance comes to an end” because the previous topic answers your question quite perfectly by itself, I suppose.

The remaining spare parts will be sold - otherwise there is no further activity to be expected.

I, personally, would really wish to be wrong about this (my wife still uses her FP1), but I’m quite sure there will be no one coming up with a different answer. :expressionless:


Everything else would be a major surprise. Are there even any updates / fixes for Android 4.2?

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It was split because the OP’s post concerns a specific software topic. Maybe there is an easy enough solution that doesn’t need interference from Fairphone’s side.

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Looking at the answer, that means, no fix from Fairphone (which is logical to the decision to stop maintenance for FP1), but maybe a developer could propose one. Well, I don’t know any dev. for Android, but let’s see what happens (or not).

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According to what I’ve read the attack requires Bluetooth to be activated. If you can live with BT off, you’re (we’re) safe.


I’m sure there is another exploit that lets attackers turn on bluetooth remotely… :grin:

Huho. How funny is this?


Well, BT is desactivated most of the time, except in my car. But still…


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