Blue screen - hard reset impossible

in preparation for the android update coming soon, I wanted to do the layout upgrade of the FP1 regarding the partition. I followed the steps mentioned here but did not follow through with step 10 as it states it is optional (step 10 is "wipe the device data). as I did the reboot I just got stuck in the a bluescreen (the fairphone blue, without any text). when I start up holding volume up and the power button, I get the three options (recovery mode, fastboot mode, normal mode) but when I enter recovery mode the screen turns blue (fairphone blue) with the text vanishing after a few seconds and nothing happens. the screen stays blue forever.

I am suspecting that I should have done step 10, but as it clearly states it is optional, I thought I just leave it like that.

The storage upgrade wipes all your data anyway, so there is now way around it.

How long did you wait? When you update your phone, it might well take longer than usual. (I guess 10 minutes are possible, but not longer.)

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that’s ok, I backed everything up.

I didn’t wait 10 minutes :confused: but I am starting it up as I type and it seems to be working. phew. thank you :slight_smile:

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