Blue floating circle on home screen and Agps / Data usage

Hello, apologies for the basic level of question,

I’ve activated the Agps and the EPO to try and improve the GPS and wanted to check that it won’t be eating through my data allowance? If i have my wifi and data turned off it can’t be used, is that correct?

I am aware of this
Its just a little bit beyond me, so haven’t got passed step one.

Also I’m assuming the blue floating circle which appears on the screen when ever i wake the phone us is telling me how much data i have used? Is that correct and if so is there an option to turn it off?

Thank you

As for the information on your data usage which appears on your lock screen: Go to Settings > Data usage > [your network]. There is a slider which says something like “View on lock screen”. Switch this slider to off.

As for aGPS: This can’t be used without data, concerning EPO, which is a file containing the positions of the GPS-satellites, I think this also gets downloaded through wifi. But there have been known issues with this download process. Consider downloading the FP1-EPO autodownload. (either you choose to download F-Droid which is an open source app store (just like Google Play but entirely open source software) or you download the apk file only)

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Thanks @Stefan, I’ll give that a go.