Blue battery symbol in status bar

A few days ago my Fairphone 5 had a blue battery symbol in the status bar when I took it out of my pocket after my bike ride to work at -12°C. I know that batteries do not exactly like to do much when they are cold, so I didn’t check this too much further, I only didn’t find any notification or anything else in that context on the phone. A quick research on the web didn’t show anything particular, either: Is it just showing that the battery is very cold, wouldn’t it charge (for that reason) in that state or is there anything else that the phone wants to tell me with that?
Does anyone know anything more? With temperatures rising again, do I need to do more research using the freezer? :wink:

A simple rule of thumb: Lithium-ion batteries may be discharged cold in winter (see also pedelecs) - but charging must ONLY take place when they are warm (almost at room temperature)!

And yes, such a battery does not particularly like discharging in the minus range. It is therefore advisable to always carry the device close to the body with an additional “outer layer”… i.e. an inner pocket.

Oh, and it’s nice to know that this marking exists…

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