Blog: Community personas and survey results


Tessa from the Communications department has just posted a new blog post:

We hope you’ll read it and if you have time, take our quick survey on your idea of fitting in the Fairphone personas. It’s fun!

Interesting how 48% did not own a smartphone before. The blog states you want to know why they didn’t, but I think it’s far more interesting to know why they suddenly did buy one.

Was it FairPhone’s background that pushed them into buying one? Was the decision to buy one already made and did FairPhone just seem like a good option (for fairness or otherwise)? Was it a combination of those things or something different entirely?

I love this. I’m in a very small percentage in the UK :thumbsup:

I can’t believe 48% took such a big plunge to a smartphone - and they choose Fairphone. That’s a big deal, and very awesome.

I didn’t want to buy a smart phone before because my dumbphone still worked and my conscience didn’t allow me to buy one just for the luxury of it, knowing the social and environmental impact of the industry. Now that my phone is slowly giving up on me, I’m happy I can buy a phone from a company that tries to do the right thing, even though I know they still have a lot of work. Of course, I can only speak for myself and I don’t know if I’m representative of the surveyed people (I’m not even German ;)).


I am not german! >:(