Blocking a contact

Hi, I need to block a contact I have. I would like to do more than just send calls to voicemail. What is the safest way to do this? Many thanks

What do you mean by more then send to voice mail? Block the number from calling you at all?

In ASOP as used on FP2 there’s no way to block calls besides directing them to the mailbox.

So you’ll need to use an app to achieve this. A quick search in f-droid for “call block” returned these apps that you could try out:

Please note that I don’t use any of these apps and didn’t test them myself.


Sometimes I wish I just had a regular phone that doesn’t start heating up for no reason, can be adapted easily with e.g. a large battery for endurance, or has the basic features like call blocking, switching data between two chips, etc.

[quote=“PierreS, post:4, topic:33515, full:true”]
Sometimes I wish I just had a regular phone that … has the basic features like call blocking, …[/quote]

If I am not mistaken, FP runs a stock Android; so obviously this function is not part of Android as such. I am not even sure, if it’s part of the bloatware most manufacturers “make you happy” with; judging by the number of apps offering that function even on f-droid. ;).

Perhaps you’re right, it’s just that it was on all my previous phones and it’s as simple as a long press on a contact or item in the call log…

For those who run LineageOS on their Fairphone 2 …

Dialer App - 3 dot menu (top right) - Settings - Call blocking - Add number
(or similar, German locale here).

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