Blinking blue light at top right corner

My FP1 started blinking blue (notification LED), I think, after reading some more threads about the issue, it has something to do with an app, but I cant find out which one and how to stop it. Its becoming really annoying. Is there any way I can stop that light from flashing at all and maybe define some signals for specific moments? like, green for SMS, red for low battery? Or do I have to go through every single one of my apps and try to disable notifications to find out which one causes the trouble? I already did that with every messaging app.
I would be happy if someone could help me, that light is driving me crazy!

Facebook uses the blue LED for notifications… do you have that installed?

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No I don´t. Neither do I have WhatsApp, which also uses the blue LED. Funny thing though: It stopped! I dont know why and how, but it stopped. So it might have been a bug? IDK. Since I recently made the partition upgrade (which worked perfectly btw), and since then installed a bunch of new apps, one of them might causing the trouble. And decided to stop it again :wink: Thanks for your reply nevertheless!


Skype also uses blue linking led for incoming messages notifications :smile: