BLE peripheral mode (coup scooters)

It is currently possible in paris to rent electric scooters from Coup company, which originated in Germany.
But the app refuses to run on FP2, claiming that it needs “bluetooth peripheral mode”.

I can use around 10 different rental systems without issue, so that’s very badly done from their side !!

I wonder what the source of this incompatibility is ?

  • Hardware not able to do device mode
  • Firmware not able (radio update needed)
  • Software not able (OS update could help ?)
  • Ability incorrectly undected (the phone can do it, but the app thinks not)

Anyone having a clue about it ?

  • I tried an app called “BLE Tool”, and it seems to enter server and client mode without issue. Or is it a different thing ?
  • Play store claims that the app is not compatible. I grabbed the APK and installed manually, but then the app is also stating that it cannot be used - and suggesting to buy a S. Galaxy !!

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