Black screen on the FP2

Hi everyone,

I’ve been the proud owner of a brand-new FP2 for a few weeks now. Unfortunately it broke down last week over the course of a couple of hours.
Initially, the touch screen was periodically unresponsive to, requiring me to put it in standby and unlock it again to fix the issue - this seems to be somewhat of a common problem associated with using the phone while charging it, and it did show that behaviour before while I was charging it, so I’m not entirely sure if it’s part of the problem.

After unlocking it once again, the display was suddenly upside down, and completely unresponsive to the touch.
Several attempts to fix the problem by force restarting it, removing the battery and putting it back in, etc, only seemed to make it worse: the screen would get more garbled, until all it showed was an entirely garbled, red display.

About an hour later it just completely gave up and it now only shows a black screen - the display still emits light so it’s on, it just doesn’t display anything but black.

Steps I’ve followed from both troubleshooting and googling:

  • Removing the display and putting it back on: No improvement after multiple tries

  • Rebooting in safe mode: No change. The FP2 vibrates after holding down the volume down and power buttons so it’s responsive, but the screen remains black

  • A solution I’ve stumbled upon in google is removing the battery and holding down the power button as some android phones seemed to have a problem with static. (?) This too produced no results.

I feel like I’ve been fairly thorough in my search of a solution but I’m by no means a phone expert, does anyone have an idea what I could do to fix the problem?


As our very own #blackscreenguide suggests your problem is with the display module. When you took it off did you try carefully cleaning the connectors?
If that doesn’t help your display is probably broken. You should contact support to get a replacement.

Cleaning the connectors did not lead to improvement. I’ll connect support now.


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