Black screen for incoming calls

No problem Stefaan. I think what you are experiencing is a software problem rather than a hardware problem so I was surprised that support told you to replace the sensor module. You could try it anyway if it is free, just make sure to let your fellow Fairphone users in this thread know whether it worked or not.

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Hey sorry @Stefaan_Coutereel, I think I gave you a bad recommendation. The issue discussed here does not have anything to do with the proximity sensor (at least no link is found yet). So please contact support again and make sure they don’t (like I did) misunderstood your issue. Otherwise the module will be sent to you for nothing.

I report it in the bugtracker today: #59.

Ok, I will contact them not to sent it. I hope a solution will be found quickly, it’s really important for me.
Could it be a problem that occured with the latest update? And if so, can I go back to the previous settings?
Does it help if I report it in the bugtracker?(have no experience in this)

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@FlavieC already reported it, so please don’t create another report. But if you create an account you can upvote the report to signal it’s important to you.

Apologies if someone already checked this, but could this be a permissions/notifications issue? Guessing (I don’t have the FP2) Settings > Apps > All > Phone (and/or dialler) would be the place to check.


There’s no “All” option anymore in the apps, memory usage has moved to a different place in the settings. It’s just Settings > Apps > Phone now.

Could you please give me the number, I couldn’t find it in bug tracker. How can I erase a bug in this app? thanks for your answer.

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More people having this problem? Really want a solution , urgent!

I had put some hopes to the last update, but unfortunately - no real change :frowning:
But at least I discovered a work around:

  1. Someone calls - the screen stays black
  2. Push the right top button (“power button”)
  3. The screen turns on
  4. In the center bottom of the screen a button turns up stating something like “go back to current call”. My telephone speaks German and states “Zurück zum aktuellen Anruf”
  5. Push that button
  6. Get to the usual swiping screen where you can either take or reject a call…

Nevertheless - getting back to the original status would be great :slight_smile:

@Ivar, I don’t even get on your 3th step. If I push the power button, the screen turns on, but the call stops. So I always have to call back.
Hope a solution come quickly!

Sounds like your power button is configured to decline incoming calls when pushed.

Hi Paul!
My screen isn’t black, I can use my phone in the same time it’s not the same issue, i think…

Oh sorry, then I misunderstood that sentence:

Maybe it’s a different issue, but maybe it’s just a slight variation of the same issue.
If you want I’ll move your post (and my replies) back, but I guess chances are high that both issues have the same root cause and therefore the same solution.

Hi Paul !
It wasn’t the same probleme but I found my answer here !!
I don’t know how but the “phone app” was on no notification, it was for that !

So thanks !!


It works for me as well! Thanks @t_eowyn for the tip :slight_smile:

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@Ivar, @rk1966, @Stefaan_Coutereel did you try @Johannes’ tip yet?

@FlavieC if this solves the issue for them too please update the bug report.

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I can hear an incoming call, but the screen does not react. I can’t answer the call! Help me. It’s not the proximity sensor.