Black screen for incoming calls, vol 2

Borrowing an old topic I found,
so the case with a FP2 is that when the screen is locked / ‘black’ and a call comes you can hear the alarm, but there’s absolutely nothing on the screen indicating it or something you could press to answer the call. If the right side button is pressed the alarm is silenced and you can open the screen, but there’s still nothing. When the caller cuts off the phone shows a missed call.
If a call came when the screen is not locked you have the normal functionalities ie. green button to answer and red to decline.
So, is this a repetition of a case described in the thread copied below and if so, what is the exact setting of permissions for the Phone app or other in the latest FPOS?

Note: The issue is there also after a factory reset. FPOS is up-to-date. On another similar FP2 (we have two) to which FPOS was just recently flashed (back from Open OS) the case does not appear.

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