Black screen during calling


After a replace of a new screen on my phone (FP1U) by myself, everything works correct on my Fairphone, except calling…when i call some one the screen get black and the phone looks dead, but its stil calling. When some one is calling me, the screen get black and i can’t do anything. I tried a lot of things to get a solution but nothing help.
What did i do… I reset the phone a few times, it didn’t help, I set the phone back to the factory settings, and lost everything…it didn’t work, i installed the latest software again, it didn’t work.
And now, to make matters worse I can’t install Play store, while other google apps like gmail are running…pffff


At what point during your call does the screen turn black? The normal process should be: It turns black when the call has started AND you are holding the phone next to your ear. This is the standard setting because it prevents you from accidentally pushing a button on the screen during the call.

Hi, thank you for your quick replay.

I lost the problem, during the replace of the new Display i forgot to replace the rubber guide for the sensor near the speaker. I found it on the old display. (stage 28 on Ifixit)
After replace this little rubber guide i tested the phone and it works correct!!


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