Black Screen/Booting Issue After FPOS C.073 Android 13 Update

Standard response time is about 5-6 working days. If this is urgent (which i guess it is :slight_smile: ) then you should call them directly. Be ready to wait 10-20 minutes on the phone.
Due to the launch of FP5, a lot of requests are coming in.


I just tried to call. After 20 minutes, I got a notice “we are very busy unfortunately.” and they hung up. o_O

Second attempt after 17 minutes waiting I was helped by a lovely person.

And yes, also need to send it to France. I was asked not to upgrade my wife’s Fairphone 4 (bought at the same time, so probably the same issues) and that not all Fairphone 4’s are experiencing this issue.


Did anyone try the USB->HDMI cable to see if it is the phone or just the screen? I have such a cable but I am lacking the problem after the update. :wink:

I guess you are all hit by a known unresolved bug

That makes the problem worse, but I still consider it a different issue. The update should not fail in the first place.


Well things happen and thats how A/B devices work. It fails for whatever reasons and falls back to the other slot and this fallback is broken…

I get that, but it’s still a different issue that only compounds the problem.


Thanks for that really interesting link to TDA. So, what could that mean for a broken FP4, at least with an unlocked bootloader? Could changing the actve slot with TWRP help? And if not, maybe flashing both slots with the new kernel and if this does not help changing the slot again?

But this is rather an idea than any recommendation…

You dont need TWRP (to change the active slot) and without knowing I guess its just this, hopeing the update will not fail again.

Overall we dont know as long as no one tries, as I guess no one knows why or what exactly its broken. So I understand if one does not want to try.

What have you done when you did not try this?

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I can go in the fastboot mode with my FP4. But adb doesn’t work. In recovery mode, adb works, but I can’t change the slot.

You need fastboot to change slots not adb and adb commands never work in fastboot.

Get the current active boot slot:
fastboot getvar current-slot

Select the other slot: (either “a” or “b”)
fastboot --set-active=b


My fairphone is starting again. I flashed the new software with adb sideload. Changing the slot doesn*t work.

You could not change or it still did not boot after you changed the slot? Any error message?

Good the version is already uploaded

When I was in fastboot mode, adb didn’t work, only in recovery mode.

Yes as said adb never works in fastboot


Hi Martin,
can you tell, WHICH “new software” you uploaded? I cannot find a file to do that. A hint would be great as i suffer the same problem as you all, no correct booting after i pressed the shiny “restart to perform the upgrade” - button, not expecting to kill my phone…

Best regards

Here this one:

The new Android 13.

Greetings Martin


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Hi Martin,

I do not see something under Ota Sideload . In my browser, it states “coming soon…” and if I would use the fast load thing, my data would be lost. But you said, that you used adb sideload. I am confused.

Can you help?
Best regards

Is your bootloader unlocked or at least OEM unlocking enabled as well as USB debugging (for the latter I’m not completely sure its required)?

If not, fastboot is no option and for sideload see above (click on the arrow to show hidden text behind the warning)

And be prepared it might fail