Black home screen


Since the last update, version 1.3.6, sometimes when i push the software button home or awake my phone with the physical power button get a black screen that only show the taskbar in the top and the 3 “software” buttons at bottom.
I’ve try all possible action but the only thing that i can do is to reboot the phone…

Any clue to resolve?

PS : My phone is not rooted and the upgrade was made with the updater app without any issue

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I am experiencing the same symptoms. I think it’s happened three times since I upgraded to 1.3.6, which I did as soon as it was available.

Could this issue be realated to your problem?

I don’t think that one is related. This thread is about the main area of the screen being blank (black) but the notification area at the top still showing (and working), and the three soft-buttons at the bottom still showing (but not doing anything useful).

FYI - I’ve solved my issue after a wipe and a reinstall of the 1.3.6.

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