Black display- and no idea if the display is really broken

i couldnt find another post which could be similar to my problem so i thought about to open a new topic.
So my FP2 fell on the ground and since then it is only dark (I can not see anything). The battery is charging and if try to turn the phone on it vibrates, but thats it.
I already put the battery out and back in and i removed the display to put it back on. - it still remained the same.
i can not see any crack, neither on the screen nor behind it.
what i struggling with right now is if i should order a new display, because it could be broken or if something else broke.
i dont want to send my phone away to be repaired- so please does anyone know what i could do?

It may theoretically be possible that there is onother cause for the issue, but nothing else but a broken display has ever been reported afaik.

If you want to be absolutely sure you can find another Fairphoner near you (#localcommunities) and test their screen on your device and vice versa.

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