Black/blank screen

My phone has had a problem for a while where I come to turn the screen on, and nothing happens and the only way I can get it to turn back on is to do a hard restart by holding the power button down until it restarts!
That’s been working until recently, when when that hasn’t been working! The phone vibrates but the screen doesn’t turn on, I’m not sure if the phone does or not tbh.
Now I’ve managed to get it back on the last 3 times by getting it in to recovery mode eventually by trying over and over again, once the screen does turn back on in recovery it seems to stay on, until the next time!
Has any one else experiences anything like this?

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Have you tried removing the display module and putting it back on? Make sure not just the 13 screws are back in place, but you can hear the plastic clamps clicking back into place, too.


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