Birthdays don't show in the calendar app on /e/OS

I have installed /e/ on my new FP3 and so far everything works fine with one exception. The birthdays of my contacts do not show up in my calendar. Both are the default apps that come with /e/OS.
All contacts are on the /e/Account and the calendar is also linked with it. On the PC version I can see the birthdays on my /e/Calendar and I can see other events on the calendar on my phone.
When I go to ‘Calendars to display’ it only shows the personal calendar of /e/ and I can’t sync any birthdays there.
Hopefully somebody has an idea on how to help me, and of course I will try to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge.

This is not an /e/ support forum. Please redirect your issue to

Although it’s a good idea to ask the question also in the /e/ forum I still think it’s a valid question here in the forum too, as maybe others with FP3 and /e/ installed may know the answer or have experience here.


I can confirm it is supported and works with me.
In the app options you should be able to choose which calendars you want to display. Make sure the birthdays are selected.
There do seem to be a few bugs with the calendar options otherwise. I had to install DaVx5 to display my partner’s calendar on mine (and vice versa!) because the subscription option with a link doesn’t work yet.


But questions about lineageos are okay? There are some questions here in the forum.

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… and Sailfish OS, and UBports, and GSIs, and an assorted variety of bootable recovery programs, and whatever else anybody might have or might consider having on their Fairphone. Perfectly fine. As is a well-meaning hint to other places where questions could get an answer.


This option doesn’t show, there is simply no birthdays to select.

When I use a different app (aCalendar) it works perfectly fine, everything shows up

Have you made sure in Settings/accouts/e that calendar is synchronizing?
Otherwise I’d advise you to open a topic on /e/ forum in this section :

Might it be related to this topic?

I assume this was done already:

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True! Hadn’t checked!


yes, the calendar is synchronizing, all settings show me the normal calendar, just no birthday option

Have you tried with another calendar app?

Fairphone and /e/ have a partnership and Fairphone supports FP3s that run /e/, therefore @picty2’s question definitely falls into the scope of this forum.
Also, be a little nicer instead of conveying a “you asked a stupid question, so go bother someone else, you’re not welcome here”-tone.


I guess you are right, my tone was too harsh.


The issue is now fixed with the help in the /e/forum, so also a thank you to those of you who advised me to go there too.
@teezeh no hard feelings, the advice was the right one in the end, though I do think that this forum was also of help. You never know who is looking at which places and who has what knowledge.
@tomgey You almost gave the solution, as installing DAVx5 was the fix in the end, as it enabled me to select the option there.
Thank you to everyone who participated, it’s good to see such an active community willing to help each other out.